have a problem with manage block list, can’t manage block list comodo closes as soon as i click on manage

have applacation alert, HIPS list, but can’t open list, {manage allow/block list — manage } click on manage program closes — Txpirate

Could you, please, explain in a more detailed way what the problem is? (I truly don’t understand what you mean.)

Please also specify which Comodo program you refer to. There’s HIPS in CAVS 2.0 Beta, CFP 3.x and CIS 3.5.


Hi txpirate

It sounds like you still have CAVS 2 Beta. That version is no longer supported. If you have XP or Vista then you should update to CAVS 3, which is in CIS 3.5. You can install the firewall only, the a/v only or both together. It is available here.

If you have an os earlier than that and wish to keep CAVS 2 then read here.

Hope this gives you some help


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