HIPS will allow a program to execute ALL instead of only specific program

I had v8 and updated to Comodo Firewall 10.
Now I have a pretty big issue. HIPS is in Paranoid mode of course and I do not trust any vendors. I do not use AutoContainment or the other stuff except for HIPS and FW. I tested the below with a new configuration too, not only my old one.

Let’s say you have explorer.exe with a custom ruleset, set to ASK when running an executable. Now I start an exe with explorer and HIPS nicely asks me if I want to run it. As it should.
Now I click the remember option in the popup and allow it.
Big problem: Comodo now sets the whole explorer.exe as ALLOW for running executables. WHY?
The old version only allowed this one program as expected and did not just change my whole settings to something insecure.

Please tell me this is a bug and not supposed to happen or that I can switch it off.

You need to enable verbose mode alerts in HIPS settings which is only enabled under the default proactive configuration.

But in earlier versions at this was not the case. I never had verbose mode on, as it was too annoying (like programs accessing ConnectionSetting registry keys - with verbose mode you had to click like 50x, without it only once).
So when someone upgraded like me (without verbose mode enabled), D+ simply now puts ALLOW into the configs of a program without even telling the user. This seems like a big design flaw.

Now I have to click 50x again for every registry key because I need verbose mode to be on which was not the case before?