HIPS too aggressive!

Every time I try to do anything on my laptop, Comodo stops operations and shoves several popups in my face asking me what to do before allowing the task to finish. It doesn’t matter what it is I am doing either saving documents, photos, or even just running a game! No matter what I try to do I have to go through each pop up until Comodo is satisfied. The only way for me to stop the pop ups is to disable the HIPS feature. I understand it would do this the first time I run a program or save a file, but to have SEVERAL pop ups for one program?!! Come on! Just let me ok the program once and let it run already! It doesn’t matter which mode I’d have HIPS set under, it will still interrupt operations. Also if I don’t click on anything on the popups in time, it would automatically disable the program I’m trying to work with and make it unusable until I go into the blocked items on Comodo and unblock them. This type of behavior is too aggressive. I don’t need some stupid AV program nagging me every time I click on something! >:(

If you are certain that you gave no malware on your computer then try setting HIPS to training mode for a few weeks. That will allow HIPS to build up a set of rules for all the aplications that you use or which run in the background. After a few weeks setting HIPS back to safe mode should generate far fewer alerts because it already has rules for most of what you use.

You do need to be absolutely sure you have no malware on your computer though, otherwise in training mode HIPS will build rules to allow the malware to run.

What version of CIS are you running? CIS v7 or v8? When using v8 is this a clean install or did you update from v7? If you updated how did you update?

Did you make changes to the default settings of CIS? Did you make changes to File Rating Settings?

I was running 7, but I ran into a problem with it due a bad copy of Malwarebytes and had to uninstall it and do a clean install from Comodo’s site to v.8 So far, HIPS has been behaving itself since I have it in training mode right now. Thanks for your responses.