HIPS settings

Is there a difference, as far as security is concerned, between using “allow all requests” and disabling HIPS completely?

Also, should legitimate programs, like Firefox, Thunderbird or Avira, or Nvidia helper generate pop-ups what HIPS is in safe mode (I would understand paranoid)? It seemed not be the case prior to recent update. But now, after starting Windows I was getting scores of popups, about files from these programs trying do access this or that, too fast to cope with it.
It has been my understanding that, in previous version, some certified files were getting an automatic access while safe mode was active?

For maximum protection you should switch to proactive configuration. As for your other issue you should uninstall then reinstall as updating with the internal updated is causing issues, but installing using the standalone installer after removing CIS first will make CIS work correctly. Also follow this guide as a precaution Comodo Forum

Do I have to, it seems too much of the bother…? Is there a way to roll back the Comodo version to pre-update one? Without re-install? If there was a warning, that I can end up with a need to re-install the thing anew, I’d delay the update for as year or so. For now, I just turned off the HIPS, as I really don’t need it. I installed Comodo for the firewall functionality, does the new update creates issues with it as well?

There is no way to roll back without uninstalling what you have installed now and installing the version you want using its standalone installer. As far as I know the firewall should work fine.

Thanks. If I decide to re-install, can I keep my firewall configuration? I mean the files that are allowed to access or blocked from the internet. Sorry to be grumpy, but the very thought of setting it up anew irritates me to no end. :slight_smile:

Yes just use the export option and then import it after. Personal Configurations | Comodo Internet Security | Internet Security