I have under HIPS-> HIPS-rules- Some Own directives/guidlines; can´t remeber that I made own guidlines for them?!..
creating config backup and systemimages right now because I intent to remove this “own guidlines(?)”.

The rule Eigene Richtlinie, in English “Custom Ruleset”, is a default rule that comes shipped with CIS.

It will give a default ruleset to programs that do not have a rule in HIPS Rules (HIPS_Regeln). Rules are read top → down. Having a lot of rules in CIS will make processing making changes in CIS settings a very slow process. Programs will get the default (good enough) rule unless the user decides to give programs dedicated rules.

It’s my advice to leave the rule in place.

OK TY EricJH for your advice, just a last Q- the “*” setting is also ok?

PS:Sry for my bad english but it isn´t my mother tongue but I try to get better

Yes this sitting is ok. The * (All Applications) is a HIPS rule that requires all files to ask for permissions to carry out protected tasks defined by HIPS. This protects your system by limiting what applications are able to do by default.