Hips settigs ?:\*

For the sixth version worth adding setting “?:*” on Hips ?
Sixth version CIS copes with Gpcode?


its not needed anymore. Defense + will now ask for permission to access the disk if this is blocked then the gpcode will terminate

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Only for CIS 6 or for CIS 5.10 -12 also?
These discussion and recommendations also for CIS 5.10-12?

Only for CIS 6 or for CIS 5.10 -12 also?
CIS 5.12 fails the test, with any settings encrypts files. But CIS 6 copes with any settings. http://imgur.com/a/ytg7M#7 http://imgur.com/a/TzCJq#7 https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/c0603fcd04d8e2fe78559a1fc07d0d8e569c08225ecb864850edd9511b11a439/analysis/1385743397/

With V5 you need to add this “?:*”. For V6 it is not necessary. Just follow the advice I give in this article.


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