HIPS scan on start up has stopped.

Since installing CAVS I have always had the HIPS screen greet me on start up / sign in and I would let it do it’s work and then go about my business… However this morning it wan’t there and after signing out and signing in again it still isn’t there.

I may have inadvertantly turned it off by accident but am not sure how I did this. I checked the Antivirus settings and everything seems as it should be but not sure if I have been compromised. Can anyone tell me what I should do to get it back and is there a way to check that CAVS is working as it should?.


This was a bug, and for some reason it wouldn’t remember the rules it would create the first few times. Now that it has made the rules it will not popup anymore, so everything is working fine.

In the next version hopefully this bug will be fixed.