HIPS prompts for ordinary windows processes

Why do I get prompts for regular windows processes such as


they are all in windows\system32

the prompts are mostly memory related

proactive mode
CFW 10
windows 10

Did you accidentally set HIPS to paranoid mode? Do these alerts appear during heavy system load? What kind of memory related alerts?

no paranoid mode over here, and no heavy load
they say “access memory”

What is the target to access memory? another process or System? expand the alert to see the full description of the attempt. Also run process explorer with admin rights (right-click > run as administrator) then go to view > lower pane view > DLLs, then click on one of the processes and view loaded dlls, sort by company name and look for anything that is not from Comodo or Microsoft.

I could do that next time it happens, but so far I am sure that all the processes and files involved are legit.
what is the best response to a prompt like that? If I am sure that everything is legit, should I just simply click on allow?

Yes it should be okay to allow such actions, though it is strange that you are getting those alerts.