HIPS Problem [Resolved]

Hey, I’ve accidentally clicked block for one of my applications that was unknown. Now, to unblock it, I went to the settings inside HIPS Application Control, and clicked Manage. My problem is, that once the window appears, it starts showing up all those applications that were allowed/blocked. After about a quarter of a second, that window would just disappear along with its parent window, without warning. I assume there must be some error with it. The good thing is that the Anti-Virus is still up and running.

Here’s a screenshot of the last glimpse of it before it disappeared.


I’m pretty sure I allowed all those apps too, except for the EICAR file. Don’t know why it says it’s blocked there, but they still open perfectly. I’ve already tried restarting, no luck. I’ve worked it around by marking the file to be skipped, but I’d like to get into my HIPS database.

Is there any way to get it to unblock the file I want?

Hi KillFrenzy

This is a known bug in CAVS and will be fixed in the upcoming version. I’m even surprised you got the screenshot. The only thing that I can suggest is trying to put the files you want unblocked into the exclude list to see if that works. I haven’t tried it myself but I’m thinking it should work. I am not sure where the database is to delete it and start again maybe someone else can let us know.


Thanks, that did work. Looking forward to the next version. :smiley:

Glad that actually worked for you KillFrenzy, I was kind of doubting it would myself…

Since this is now resolved I’ll go ahead and lock this thread. If you need it reopened please PM myself or another online mod with a link to this thread.

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm.