HIPS Paranoid mode causing Blank Screen for several minutes after logon

Hi, when I set HIPS to Paranoid Mode, after I login to Windows 7 and things finish loading - the screen goes blank (black) for a while.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting, the normal desktop returns again. There are no HIPS alerts to speak of - I did not set a timeout on popup alerts -so popups should remain forever, however there are no HIPS popups alerts to be seen or heard.

Why might this be happening, maybe a display driver conflict ? How can I log the cause in order to fix it ? Can I enable HIPS verbose logging ?

My pc has Intel graphics, there are some related files such as Igfxhlpr.exe and Igfxtray.exe but I set these as “Windows System Application” in HIPS so there should be no way those files are conflicting.

I don’t really know where to start to track down the cause, please help. Of course disabling HIPS or even “HIPS - Safe Mode” the problem goes away.

You need to check your logs.

In Paranoid this is the only way to find what would have been the alerts if you could have seen them.

The 5/10 wait is the result of longer alert times.


PS Please note until the gui is actually fully functioning no alerts will be shown.

You need to add the following to the Windows System Applications file group:

plus make rules for your intel graphics applications so that they can operate correctly on startup.