hips - overlap between cfp and cavs?

i just finally took the time to check CPF(and CAVS) helpfiles to find out what exactly CPF Defense+ does. i was surprised to find out that the description is virtually the same as for CAVS HIPS. is it really the same thing? if yes, why?

it seems quite confusing to have the same component in two security products from the same company but under two different names. really it looks like you have three components here: firewall, antivirus and hips. why not make hips a separate application (you have so many others already) or decide if it belongs to the firewall or the antivirus software? (as cavs is still in beta, it might make sense to keep hips in the firewall because that way you can spread the technology among more users.)

any thoughts or comments from the developers on this?

aside from that i am very happy with both products so far.

If you’re using both CFP and CAVS you should disable CAVS’s HIPS, CFP’s is more powerful I understand. Melih says that in the future Comodo will provide modular products so you can use only what you prefer. But as they’re doing it right now, and it’s likely to stay that way, Defense+ belongs along with the firewall, whereas CAVS’s HIPS is just a plus. Defense+ prevents malware from running in the first place, but it also helps the firewall to be stronger against leaks in an intelligent way.

@Japo, thanks for the information.