Hips Keeps Sandboxing Hydra Dll

Comodo HIPS keeps sandboxing HydraDMH64.dll. I dont know how to get it to stop. I put allowed trusted vendor and its getting highly annoying at the moment. Cause the number keeps going up in blocked intrusions.

Any suggestions.

.dll files are usually not sandboxed by themselves just like that, most likely there is another program that is sandboxed that wanted to use that .dll file. To stop it from being sandboxed you may first want to identify the application it belongs to, you can do that by first locating “Sandboxed Apps” on the CIS home screen (only visible on advanced view) and then click the number to the right of “Sandboxed Apps”, you should now get a new window with a list of sandboxed processes, look for the .dll file and which process it’s attached to. If you do not want that process sandboxed anymore then add it to the trusted files list, if that doesn’t work you can add it to the BB exclusions. Remember that you need to restart the application in order for it to start outside of the sandbox.

I put it into BB exculsions. It still shows in sandbox apps.


Tried rebooting after adding it? =S

Yeah I apoligize I just woke up and missed the part about reboot.

Thanks you have been a great help.


I’m confused, do you mean you forgot to reboot and did it now and it helped or that you forgot to mention that you rebooted and that it didn’t help?

Oh I apoligize. I meant that I forgot to reboot.

Everythings fine now with comodo. You were a great help on it.

Hi, for me, Comodo is continuously unable to recognize and just keep sanboxing hydradm64.exe & mmloaddrv.exe, even though it’s in the trusted file list, and after reboot too.

I’ll try it, but i don’t understand, how is it possible that a file in the trusted file is not being recognized…?

If the file changes its self, i.e saves settings internally, it changes the file hash, and hence not the same file in the trusted list anymore.

Trying add them to the behavior blocker exclusions.

You’re right aim4it, but then i would see the files last modfied date change right ??

Also, i understand that the behavior blocker exclusions use the file path, not the file hash, is that right ?? If BB use the file hash, i would experience the same issue…

Anyway, i added it to the exclusions and so far it work. Thanks