HIPS keeps blocking Unlocker by Empty Loop

I selected ‘Ublock’ multiple times but Comodo insists on blocking Unlocker.exe. I’ve checked in the properties and Comodo has this file rated as trusted, with a green tick mark.

Hi Bucic,

Can you please provide us with some more details, like

Download link of the Unlocker and the screenshot of file detection.

You need to check the HIPS event logs to see why it is being blocked.

Here’s the source you can get the official installer from

Here’s my install (archived)

The log doesn’t contain anything useful on Unlocker apart from “Action - Access Memory”.

Yeah it is trying to access CIS processes in memory which CIS doesn’t allow. You’re not noticing any issues apart from looking at unblock applications task.

I don’t believe so, but Unlocker is pretty cumbersome in usage and I would like to eliminate the extra variable (i.e. CIS) from the equation.

You didn’t look at the HIPS event log fully to see that the target application for access memory is one of Comodo processes. You can edit the CIS file group HIPS rule and allow unlocker in protection settings for inter-process memory access, but it is not recommended to allow applications to access CIS processes in memory.

Oddly enough, I missed the “Target” colum content.
Nah, I’ll pass. I prefer to wait for the Unlocker’s potential flop and I’ll go from there. Thanks.

I’m not an expert on the matters but isn’t the explanation of the whole issue, well, obvious? Unlocker probably attempts to access CIS memory bits in the process of what it is intended to do - that is checking for processes who have active access to files. Am I right?

Unlocker asking memory access is not an uncommon technique used by both legitimate and malicious executables. CIS protects its own processes against memory access to prevent malware shutting down processes from CIS. In case an executable is being used by CIS it will prevent unlocker from unlocking or deleting that file.

I see. Thank you for the explanation.