[HIPS] Is it possible to temporarily disable individual rules?

I recently installed Comodo Firewall 6.3.302093.2976. I have made a bunch of HIPS rules for different applications. I would like to shut some of those rules off temporarily. Right now the only options available to me are:
Add, Edit, Remove, Up, Down, Purge

Maybe I can workaround the problem by moving the “All applications” rule above the rules I want to ignore? Is there a way to temporarily shut off rules individually? I don’t want to remove them or disable the HIPS. Thanks

I don’t believe that is currently possible. You could request it was a wishlist item for the next version. Not sure about the All Application rule as I don’t use HIPS anymore, just the Behavior blocker + sandbox.

Ok thanks anyway. Do you know if developers read these posts or should I attempt to get in touch with them more directly?

Moving the rules in question under the “All Applications” rules should work and as aim4it suggest there is currently no other way to do this but you could make a wish in the wishlist section.

Or… I just thought of something… Try going to the HIPS rules and select the rule you want to disable, click edit and in the target filename instead of filename.fileextension type something like filename.fileextensionbak.
C:\Test\Test.exe becomes C:\Test\Test.exebak this should “disable” the rule since it wouldn’t apply to the old executable, to revert just remove the “bak” part.