HIPS is freezing my pc

Every time I try to play a new game, the game starts into a black screen. After that I can’t do anything other than rebooting. The issue only seems to happen when games run full screen. With those that I can alter settings outside of the game, if I set to windowed or borderless the freeze doesn’t happen.
I know HIPS is to blame, because when I disable it, everything works fine.
Are there some rules, that I should set, or what?

Making sure the game is added to the trusted list should solve this. Most likely what’s happenings is after going full screen CIS is giving an alert that the game is trying to directly access the keyboard. You can’t answer the alert because your in full screen and this locks the system . Even Ctrl+Alt+Del won’t work because the game window has focus and can’t recognize keystrokes.

Yeah I guess I’ll have to keep that in mind whenever launching a new game. Or just keep HIPS disabled…