HIPS in CFP3 and CAVS2: When will they be integrated?

If I install both CFP3 with its HIPS and CAVS2 with its HIPS then I end up with 2 HIPS programs that do not cooperate with each other. That is, I get 2 separate HIPS programs and get twice the number of prompts when a program wants to run to commit an action. Actually I get more prompts from CAVS2 for its HIPS because apparently it doesn’t utilize the certified list of known good apps that the HIPS in CFP3 uses.

Do we have to wait until CAVS goes to v3 before its HIPS gets sliced out or modularized to not install if CFP3 is already installed (and visa versa where CFP3 won’t install its HIPS if CAVS3 is already installed)? If I use Comodo, I’d like to use an integrated suite where there is only one HIPS program for both so I only have to answer the prompts once.

I believe that you’re going to have to wait for CAVS V3 - like the rest of us :-\

You should disable CAVS’s HIPS. I think that CAVS 3 won’t have it and will let that to CFP.

I quote.

CAVS2 was realized when still did not exist the powerful HIPS of CFP3, therefore now is useless to leave enabled CAVS2 HIPS.