HIPS Functionality

Regarding HIPS in version 2.0. Will the parent keep a list of which processes it can/can’t launch or will it just be a case of allowing or denying the process? (regardless of the parent)


The biggest differentiator in the HIPS market is the “Certified list”…otherwise you will have too many popups.

As you will notice recently we launched the submit file functionality with CPF. This is now helping us by around 2000 files a day ( :slight_smile: ) . We have expanded our team to accomodate that. Soon all the help the users are giving us by submitting files will result in the biggest Certified List. So our HIPS will utilise this comprehensive list and will have minimum level of popups.

Also, CAVS 2 will have a feature whereby it will identify all the executables on your machine that are not in the certifiedlist and ask for user’s permission to submit them to Comodo so that they can be included in the certified list. This will further increase our db and with our users help we will create a product that is very secure yet easy to use.


So if an application is cetified, it will load without any user prompt. If not, it will prompt the user to allow/deny the process with the option of sending the file to Comodo?


CPF will also have this feature?

pretty much.

this way, after first run, you submit your files not in the certified list… and give us few days (maybe more if its too many files :- ) we will turn it around and put it in the certified list… this way your machine will operate nicely :wink:


Thanks Melih. Looking forward to the release.


Will this submit function give users the opportunity to add any descriptive info they may have about the app (like in current release of CPF)? This may help your team in their analysis.

ewen :slight_smile:

dunno… but will check with them…
but something we should have really.