HIPS freezes system


hips freezes system when detecting new apps. first it takes some minutes untill a popup appears, then system doesn’t react on starting new programms. need to reboot then.
hips is now deactivated and all works fine.

any solution for this?


So just to be clear, are you saying that if you disable the HIPS component, so that only the Behavioral Blocker component of Defense+ is active, there are no problems?

If so can you please post a screenshot of your HIPS Rules? Also post a screenshot of your HIPS settings.


So just to be clear, are you saying that if you disable the HIPS component, so that only the Behavioral Blocker component of Defense+ is active, there are no problems?


hips rules are a lot :wink: what do you need exactly?


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At this point I’m trying to rule out the possibility that you accidentally made a rule for an important part of the OS. Thus, can you please show me which applications you made rules for?

i packed them, 24 images. i can’t take a screenshot with autoscroll.
thanks for the hint that it may be a wrong setting. i hope we find a solution. i like comodo a lot :wink:

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Okay, I hadn’t realized you had already made so many rules. I’m not an expert in the HIPS, as I use the BB, and thus I will step back and allow someone else to provide advice. Hopefully someone else who is more familiar with the granularity of the HIPS component will be able to help.

If nobody responds for more than 24 hours please feel free to bump this topic.


Hi nagpochenpo,

I still use V 5 on a daily basis, but from time to time, I fire a VM with Win 8 and CIS 6. I’ve encountered a similar problem to yours with V6. All of a sudden, the interface was unresponsive, Win task manager won’t open, some functions of windows became inaccessible, …When finally, I’ve got to CIS log, I’ve noticed that without a prompt, CIS had sandboxed several core windows files.

As I noticed in your first screenshots that you have now disabled the Autosandbox, could you check in your logs if some windows files haven’t been sandboxed previously which could explain the freezing you encountered though it won’t explain the reason of the sandboxing.

thanks for your reply.

i disabled the autosandbox some time ago too, because for most things sandbox is unnessasary (like updates of trusted apps) and all this allowing stuff takes much time… and not every installer works propper with all those protections.

so for me it’s is really hips at the moment. i had the same problems like you until i disabeld it. maybe it’s from a wrong setting - hope comodo support can help here.
just for a future release - maybe cis+ can “protect” itself and not allow to choose to disable important system settings.

bump :-\

My best guess is that the sheer amount of rules could be the problem. I also noticed that most of your rules are made under the " All Applications" rule rendering them useless. That is because rules underneath the All Applications rule will follow the rule set by the All Applications rule (it overrides whatever rules you made).

To test if it is indeed the sheer amount of rules please we are going to import a factory default configuration and activate it.

Go to Advanced Settings → Configurations and choose to import a configuration. They can be found in the CIS installation folder. Choose the clean configuration of the configuration you are currently running (Proactive Security or Internet Security). In the process you will be asked to choose a name. Choose an applicable name like f.e. Proactive Security Clean.

After importing activate the clean config and see what happens.

This problem came back for me with the latest update v6.3.302093.2976.
I don’t see suspicious rules and don’t have much anyway, had to turn off HIPS, my PC was unusable with it.
Does anyone experience this?

Are you running in Paranoid Mode? Can you tell us more about your CIS settings and what other security programs are installed and which of the installed security programs run in the background?

No, Safe Mode.
I had this problem in the summer, then I thought it was because of imported config from CIS v5.12, so I started again with a clean proactive configuration. The problem ceased and didn’t occure until the latest update. I hope I will not need to recreate all the rules again.

Zemana Antilogger is running besides CIS.

Sometimes when one of the CIS processes crashes it can mess up the settings of CIS in the registry. Going back with system restore a couple of days may fix the damage.

Thank you for your feedback!
Restoring to an earlier point is not an option unfortunately.
Would a CIS reinstall also work, preferably with exporting the current config for reuse after the reinstall?

If the problem is with the configuration then exporting and reimporting it won’t help.

To see if the problem is with your configuration try to import a factory default configuration. They can be found in the CIS installation folder. During importing you need to give it a name. Choose an appropriate name like CIS Proactive Security New or something along those lines. Don’t forget to activate the new configuration after importing of course.

Does that “fix” it?

I’m sure that would fix it.
But then I should recreate all the firewall rules, and that’s what I want to avoid.
I just go with HIPS turned off for now.