HIPS Dysfonction since Windows Migration

Hi everyone,

My configuration is: Windows 10 1903 X64, Comodo
Since the migration of windows I have a dysfunction of COMODO HIPS (HIPS in safe Mode). It blocks a lot of programs that before the migration of windows were not. For example Dashlane, Outlook, Adobe DC, searchProtocolHost, Comodo Dragon etc. etc. Even when unlocking them they come back every second or every time I reuse them.
I uninstalled COMODO completely and reinstalled but I still have the same problem.
What can I do now?

Best Regards

Same problem here, and my computer is sooo slow because of this. I will give only another chance with the next update, if that doesn’t solve the issue I will uninstall COMODO indefinitely .

Read this and…


Please use the search feature as this is a known issue.

Your problem may not be linked to the erroneous logging. Please start a separate topic providing version information about Windows and CIS and how you updated CIS. Also post screenshots of the HIPS logs and Containment logs.