HIPS Clean PC + Paranoid combination?


Honestly I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make a wish for this since it’s probably only me who want this, I mostly just want to mention it so yeah…

I’ve been having some issues with setting CIS up to my liking, I want to have it in paranoid mode, however I also already trust all the files on my computer, so I’d like it in a Paranoid mode but it would allow all pre-existing files.

This can somewhat be made in CIS 6.2 by setting HIPS to Clean PC mode and turning off TVL… but then safe files won’t be stated as safe files in any alerts, they’ll be stated as unknown files, and the unrecognized files list will just become a big big pile and you’ll say “I’ll look through the several hundreds of files later” But you never do.

Settings HIPS to paranoid also breaks some things, it will make me pretty much unable to get into my computer because it will block things during the start-up, but hey that is fixed by using the training mode… well the training mode doesn’t fix my problem of being unable to shut down with HIPS in Paranoid mode.

So basically a mixture between Clean PC mode and Paranoid would be pretty much the holy combination for me, which is currently not possible without some drawbacks. :cry:

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak

Flips table Forgot to check in to allow users to change their votes - In my opinion it should be checked by default. <_<

SanyaIV, I like your idea.
I would prefer to use your “Clean PC Paranoid”.
The current Paranoid is too much troublesome.


Yup, just tried it again and even after using training mode my programs don’t start at boot. :-\

+1. Great idea :slight_smile: :-TU