HIPS (checked) doesn't seem to show any alerts when BB is active

Don’t know if that’s a bug or not, but if BB is active you won’t recive any prompts from HIPS even if you tick it. It also doesn’t create rules even if “create rules for safe applications” is checked if BB is active. So if BB is blocking some action, you can’t edit the rule for that app. Even if you manually create the rule in “HIPS rules” it’ll be ignored as long as BB is active.

Only “blocked rules” are functioning when BB is enabled.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say I have BB enabled and set to “Limited”. And let’s say I have a game that’s unrecognized (yet), so it’s isolated as limited. The game works fine with one exception, when I’m in-game, I can’t open up menu (esc key), from the logs it appears to be cuz “limited” is blocking direct keyboard access. Now the question, how do I let the game use direct keyboard access, but block other suspicious actions it may try without placing it in trusted files, without turning off BB and without switching to partially limited?

as far as i know if you let that game access the keyboard then you are putting your system to risk of keyloggers!!
if still you want it to access the keyboard try running it fully virtualized, but keys can still be logged.

just found it now,
if you want that application to access your keyboard, then under ruleset for hips click add, name it anything you want and from the right side copy the rules from “limited” then scroll down and at the end there is an option for for “keyboard” just click “allow” and now set the bb to autorun the application as per the name you gave under ruleset.
u can add the file under hips rule and then open the hips rule choose that file ->click edit->choose “use coustom ruleset” → “copy from” → “limited” → scroll down to bottom under access right → “Keyboard” under action choose allow

i think this should do it for you :wink:

Those seems to be ignored when BB is active

oh, did you tried the first one??

I can create new ruleset, but it doesn’t show up in “auto-sandbox unknown applications as” list, if that’s what you meant.

And even if it did work, that would mean every auto-sandboxed applications would get direct keyboard access, and I need it only for one app (the game).

oh sorry i didn’t tried it and thought it would show up under bb,
ya that is true, if it worked you had do the switch everytime :stuck_out_tongue:

You can switch the restriction level to the “partially limited”.

Then I would have to switch back and forth every time i want to play a game. And what if I got several such games?

I got it! You can enable “Define exceptions for BB” and place the file there, then it will run unrestricted, BUT if you have HIPS ticked, then it will take over, so you can create rule for that specific app, while leaving BB active.

The “partially limited” is enough for security.