HIPS broken after last update

Since the last update I’ve had this problem with HIPS not generating alerts for unrecognized programs (programs without rules) and preventing their launch.
After further investigation I discovered that even though I’m not getting any pop up alerts the Comodo log still gets populated with the related events but with no link to the “Related Alert”.
I should mention that the unrecognized programs I’m trying to run do show up in the task manager with zero CPU usage even though there is no visible GUI and the only way to close them is to terminate via the task manager.

Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

UPDATE: After a restart, when I try to run an unrecognized program I will receive a pop up alert but after choosing an action all consecutive attempts to run other unrecognized programs fail to generate a pop up alert same as the symptoms described above.

UPDATE2: Rarely, after several attempts to start unrecognized programs without a pop up alert my desktop will freeze momentarily and I’ll get a spam of all the previous alerts that should have appeared earlier all at once.

Try updating to the latest version. You can use the program updater for that if you like.