HIPS blocks ControlCenter4

Hi guys, I have a problem with this RC.
I have got a Brother printer and a strange thing happened with their app (ControlCenter4):

  1. I created a rule in HIPS (saying it is a safe app). SEE Image 1
  2. I Launch manually ControlCenter4
  3. Comodo continues to block it in HIPS! SEE image 2

We need a fix or am I wrong?






Does the program work as intended? Could you check the HIPS Logs to see what is happening?

I think the program is trying to access CIS processes in memory which is not allowed even with the Safe Application policy. On a side note. The Blocked Applications list is a useless feature because it does not inform what is being blocked. It is not thought through properly and I would rather see it removed; it causes a lot of needless confusion and anxiety.


Yes, I read the log and the ControlCenter4 try access to memory.
here the log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am9lm2B1AAwlg70Qslji88Lh5EaSgQ?e=sJRhTF

Bat, in Safe Application, the memory access is allow. See the follow image.


P.S.: “Consenti” is “Allow” (from Italian to English)

I tried to manual rule setup, bat the problem remains… 88)

It doesn’t matter what you have set the rule for access memory, as CIS has enabled protection settings that override the application rule to prevent access memory of CIS own processes. You can either ignore the block, or make an exception to allow memory access by editing the HIPS rule for “Comodo Internet Security” protection settings.

Hello jockerfox,

Thank you for reporting. We are checking in it.
Have a nice day!

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What you are seeing is CIS protecting its self from being accessed in memory. It is expected behavior. The protection against memory access is a very strong and important self protection measure which makes CIS very hard to bypass.

You haven’t answer my question if the program does not work as expected. Does the program work as expected or does it dysfunction? When the program works as expected then there is no problem. If the program does not work as expected we could take a look and see if allowing memory access brings a solution.

We only advice to allow memory access to CIS processes when blocking gets in the way of how a program functions. Allowing memory access by a program reduces the self protection of CIS; that’s why we don’t advise to allow programs access unless it is absolutely necessary. It is only 0,0000001% of the programs that actually needs the access. The other 99,99999‬% of program will work normally without needing memory access to CIS processes.

It was a major mistake of Comodo to log memory access in Blocked Applications list. It shows CIS protecting its self; that behavior is by design. Then from a usability point of view. People will think something is wrong because it gets logged and get anxious or insecure. Then Blocked Applications suggests it can fix it but it can’t fix it confusing people further.