HIPS blocks a couple of actions from Twitch.exe

I am a sort of gamer and have an installed application called Twitch.exe. I can see that CIS - HIPS blocs a number of actions, such as Access Memory, Modify Key, Process Access to CIS:


I have already read a link to FAQ and there seems to be nothing to worry about as far as the Access Memory is concerned. But how about application asking to change internet connection, a regex key, CIS process etc.? Is it still ok?


If you trust the application then yes it is fine, and you should mark it as trusted in the file list. But if you have blocking rules in place for the application then you need to remove those block rules. Also make sure you do not have ‘do not show popup alerts block requests’ set in HIPS settings.

Thanks for the answer. I feel like I checked everything and it still lands in block applications. I also checked File List and I can see four related applications: AppData/Roaming/Twitch/Bin/TwitchAgent.exe, AppData/Roaming/Local/Temp/Twitch.exe, AppData/Roaming/Twitch/Bin/Twitch.exe, and AppData/Roaming/Twitch/Bin/Electron/TwitchUI.exe that are automatically trusted.

I checked in HIPS that “Do not pop up …” is not selected. And final comment, it gets blocked when I close the application. Perhaps it is not well written program, I don’t know.

Hi zbigman,

The issue with HIPS blocking on Twitch.exe should be resolved now if you’re still facing the problem with HIPS block, please submit the exact file that is blocked to the following link.

Mathi R