Hips blanking the screen.

Hi, I have tried a few search words but with no success so will explain my problem.

I am using windows 2000 server. I have downloaded the firewall, no problem. I downloaded CAV . However when the HIP box displays, the hour glass just keep going on and on. When I try to click inside the box the whole portion of the box goes grey leaving 25% of my screen blank. I did a reinstall and the same thing again. Any ideas please

I am using XP and having the same problem, plus I have the COMODO HIPS screen stuck now and am unable to do Anything ! I can not turn the computer off - have to unplug it from the wall and when I start it back up that crazy HIPS window comes up again - How do you Uninstall COMODO ??

It sounds like you’re trying to install from Online, rather than downloading the file and installing later. If so, that’s probably not a good idea; instead, download the file, and install later. When you get ready to install, please do so in SafeMode to avoid conflicts with other applications.

HDB, if you need to uninstall, you may do so in SafeMode; CAVS will not run there by default.

madmex, another user had a similar-sounding problem; it was resolved by decreasing the DPI of the screen properties.

However, when you say the HIPS box, are you referring to the UPSDbMaker; the safelist profiler? It does use a lot of resources while scanning. Some users have experienced buffer overruns from it. You might want to try the instructions in umesh’s post regarding the patch.rar attachment, to see if that helps.



hi, i’ve got similar problem before.
HIPS box freezing & i had to do hard shut down. but it only happen when HIPS’ alerting me about a SCREEN SAVER app.
PANIC (one of mods) said, we can try putting that ■■■■ screen saver app in HIPS exclusion list. ( i think the app extension was “scr”) and it solves the problem.
maybe you can try that ==> put the app in the exclusion list.