HIPS and System explorer.exe


I’m hoping I can get some help. I have just updated to Windows 10 1903. I have now noticed that a program I was running seems to be a triggering blocked exclusion whilst the program is running (basicially counting up every second - System Explorer ver7.0.0.5356. This was not a problem prior to the windows update and also this program was already in ‘exclusions’.

Any advice would be appreciated, many thanks in advance.

It’s a known bug for 32 bit applications and especially System Explorer which counts up to thousands in a very short time! You can either add it as an exception to Memory Access, turn off logging, or just ignore it for the time being as it’s is due to be fixed in the next release as noted in the fist link



Thanks for the links, so clearly its a bug thats due to be fixed. Whats unfortunate is that I had deffered installing the windows update to avoid issues like this, guess I need to extend the period for longer…

You should add System Explorer as an exception to every part of CIS. As dangerous as that sounds, it’s job is the maintenance of things that most other apps should never touch so (even though we both know it to be safe) it will do things that any antiviral protection software would flag.

Memory Accesses (commonly used by virus to insert themselves into other programs) is SysEx’s bread and butter as it tests other applications and submits them online. It should be treated as an antivirus and given a wide berth from CIS.