HIPS and sandboxie

I have Comodo 10 and sandboxie 5.16.
And the 2 appli works very good. I don’t have really conflit but I have just a small problem.
I enable in sandboxie the option “auto erase” the content of the sandboxie when I close it.

But during this process so when i close each sandboxie, comodo open 2 alerts:
COMODO Alerte HIPS.jpg
COMODO Protection du navigateur.jpg

in fact he detect the cmd.exe with the command :
"rmdir /s /q “C:\Sandbox\User__Delete_Firefox_01D266C990F88579”

It’s not blocking but it’s boring because I have everytime this popup.
And the “remember option” doesn’t work, maybe because the id of the sandboxie change and it’s a new script each time.

I tested:

Open Comodo and click Open Advanced Settings.
Go to Defence+ / HIPS / HIPS Settings. You will see a setting called "Detect shellcode injections". Make sure it's checked because the solution doesn't work if it's disabled. (You don't need to have HIPS enabled if you don't want to, just make sure "Detect shellcode injections" is checked).

Now click on Exclusions. In the window that opens right click and choose Add -> Files.

Go to the Sandboxie folder located in Program Files or Program Files (x86) and select all the executables you find there    "Start.exe""License.exe""SandboxieBITS.exe""SandboxieCrypto.exe""SandboxieDcomLaunch.exe""SandboxieRpcSs.exe""SandboxieWUAU.exe""SbieCtrl.exe""SbieIni.exe""SbieSvc.exe"</blockquote>

I think it’s a good way, but it’s ot better.

And the "remember option" doesn't work, maybe because the id of the sandboxie change and it's a new script each time.
Yes that its why, so you could just figure out which application is calling that command line and create a HIPS rule to treat it as an Installer or Updater ruleset.