HIPS allow/block list

I am experiencing certain problems with the HIPS allow/block list. When i open it, it starts to load but then automatically terminates (along with the main application) all by itself. Because of this i am not able to manage my allow/block list

Hi techfreak

This seems to be a bug in the program. I know that the developers are working now on the new version to come out hopefully in the new year, so probably will not fix it in this version. I know it is an inconvenience, but I have learned to live with it while I wait.


thanks for replyin JJasper (:WAV)
hope they will fix this bug in the new version
i was gettin pissed off because of it but can u tell me wen will the developers come out with the newest version

They have not set a date yet, only that they are working hard on it and will release it sometime in the new year.