HIPS: allow access to the system folder "system" ?!

Goodmorning everyone. I can not say if this is a bug or not. HIPS asks whether to allow access by SYSTEM (entire folder of Windows) to different subsystems of the operating system: keyboard, disk access, low-level memory access, etc …
I imposed SYSTEM as safe application and system application. But in so doing, to free access to all the files in the system folder of Windows?

here’s an example

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You shouldn’t be getting these alerts from SYSTEM as it is supposed to be part of the file group “Windows System Applications” and the HIPS rule should be set to window system application ruleset. Go to HIPS rules add a new rule choose file groups after clicking browse, under file groups select windows system applications and for ruleset select windows system application. It look like the attached picture.

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Here’s another window.
I must wait until I get another window first to set what you say.
I have to put System application and set by hand ask about all protections?

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Yes you can manually create a new rule as follows: Open comodo advanced settings HIPS > HIPS rules > Add > Browse > File Groups > Windows System Applications then use Ruleset > Windows System Application and ok out all windows. This will give SYSTEM the access it needs without showing alerts.

done. but I thought that by doing so all the files contained saddle system folder (including any malicious files) had free access. instead I made a test putting an unrecognized file in the system folder windows and this is as it should be blocked.

thank you 8)