HIPS alert freeze [RESOLVED]

i’ve noticed a new problem about CAV. the HIPS seems to work fine, but when it gives an alert about this application: dtmc2.exe. the alert box is freezing, and i can’t choose either to allow or block the application. this problem comes out everyday, and only happen to dtmc2.exe

dtmc2.exe is a screen saver application.my friend send me the installer by email via yahoo.com (norton av protected) and after downloading, i’ve scanned it with symantec AV & spyware doctor. the application seems fine.
somebody could help?


I’d log into http://support.comodo.com (the official support centre), register if you haven’t already done so and lodge a support ticket on this. If possible, attach the file for them to analyse.

NOTE : you will need to register there, as your forum credentials won’t work on the support centre.

Please post the results back here for the benefit of others.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

If you’re OK with that, I’ll mark this post as closed and lock it. If you need it re-opened, please PM me or any of the other mods, including a link back to this topic.

Ewen :slight_smile: