Hijacking becoming common?

Just a note to anyone interrested. I have been getting hijacking attempts left and right. I noticed many others on this forum and elsewhere getting the same, different ways perhaps but it seems it’s getting bad. Some seem to be causing CPF and other securities to give false infection detections etc…and some users are actually mentioning uninstalling their security due to this, thinking it’s the program because nothing is found on the computer. DO NOT DO THIS, if you drop your security, that’s when you WILL be in trouble. My friend just called before I was ready to type this and said they had been getting false alerts and were going to uninstall (I “think”) kerio, thinking it was buggy, yes I am partial to CPF but even in this case wouldn’t suggest uninstalling any firewall. My son is getting these with CPF as have others. I told him not to disable anything. If I hear anything more I will update.


Hijacking your computer or the browser?

Well, first the browser then usually the pc but I know better so just my browser. :wink: Hotmail finally contacted me as well and said they are not equipted to deal with this so I have to contact the brower makers. It is a confirmed hijack attempt. And I began getting more today, constantly. Very frustrating.


Son? Kids… that’s your security breech. Ask any kid using a PC… what did that message say you just clicked anyway? “I dunno” is the normal response. But, how do they know what button to press you may ask. Simple, I asked, by trial-and-error apparently. If pressing button A always results in the game (the normal object in question) not working, then they learn that pressing button B makes it work (Allow & Deny in our case). Or perhaps, they first got it to work with button A & thus always press that button for that shape/colour/position pop-up message. Cool huh?

Seriously, my 14 year old was on my PC for only 2 hours a few weeks back. When I kicked him off, I noticed a trojan infection within minutes. He’d been playing on these dumb, normally java based, game sites… the sort thing where they play silly game & chat to each other on-line. And he was running MSN. So, I told him that either he’d visited a very doggy site (which he knew he shouldn’t) or one his MSN friends wasn’t very friendly after all. I also told him that I wasn’t impressed at his weak attempts to cover his tracks by deleting the URLs from Firefox’s history. I was bluffing… I had no idea if he’d done that or not… But, I won. He had been those 'orrible game sites. I banned him from even looking at my system for… erm… I think it was about… 20… maybe 30 years. ;D

If anybody is interested the trojan was NMC.IEFEAT.AJ

LOL, yes I see what you mean. I do monitor him, ( he doesn’t know). He was just Googling around for his history paper he had to write and started getting messages from CPF , since they were gone before I got up there, all I got was something about some weird site trying to use OLE, and then a pop up on the google page telling him to shut his firewall down. He knew better luckily. I scanned and found nothing. I have been getting these attempts for the last two weeks, mainly on my hotmail page, changing the way it looks, etc…then cert comes up, “thank you firefox” to allow or deny, which I deny of course. I sent screen shots into hotmail and they confirmed a hijack attempt. They just can’t do anything about it. I won’t even open IE, <pandora’s box lol. This happened twice when I was using IE a while back but never got a message\warning about the site, big surprise,so I simply knew something wasn’t right and shut it down. Also, when I would type in www.hotmail.com it would go to one site, then another then another then some mail wind, or windmail or something like that. This was the first time this happened to my son though. My friend that called, well , wife’s friend, she has been getting much of the same. Perhaps it’s by area? I should talk to my neighbors as well but most don’t even believe a virus is real. Wait until they get one, lol.


You should check the hosts file & see what ActiveX & BHOs you currently have.