hijacked Server

My Internet service provider is AT&T. However I don’t believe I am connected to AT&T because I am only allowed to access certain things, my Internet connection is Public, ports 80 and 81 are open on my computer even though I disabled incoming connections with both Windows Firewall and Comodo. I also blocked connections to both ports. Port 443 is closed. AT&T’s router, Windows Firewall and Comodo’s Firewall says they are Stealth. Yet I ran a port scan on two sites and Port 80 and 81 are still open and port 443 is closed. Because my computer is continually corrupted or altered, I wonder if incoming connections are blocked.

I have used other programs to secure my computer like Spybot Search and Destroy which only disabled Windows Update. I used Windows10 Firewall Control which created a Domain, permitted File and Print Sharing and limited access by other security programs. I had Avira antivirus but in scanning it corrupted my files.

I believe all of these programs were altered by the rogue server I’m on.

I have no idea why whatever or whoever has gone to some much trouble to follow me, limit my Internet access and clone my cell phone.

Any suggestions?

I think your DNS settings may have been changed.
Check that both primary and secondary DNS addresses are either set to those specified by your ISP, or to a recognized alternative like Comodo Secure DNS or Open DNS.

Scan your computer with the following scanners to see if there is malware present:
TDSS Killer
Hitman Pro
Malwarebytes Antimalware Free
Super Antispyware Free