hijack this log

could anyone explain what the data in this log means?

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A HijackThis log file lets us know what programs are running on your computer, suspicious registry keys, services, and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects). Without this information, it is hard to diagnose infections.

I looked at your log file and found that you have a CoolWebSearch Ctfmon32 Parasite Variant :

H:\WINDOWS\system32\CTFMON.EXE – Removal is recommended!

There may be other threats that are on your computer associated with CoolWebSearch, I recommend that you download and install SpyBot Search and Destroy, run a scan and removal all infections found. This will remove the spyware component of this malware. To remove the virus component, I recommend that you use Antivir (Avira) or A-Squared by http://emsisoft.com.

If you don’t want a download, you can use the A-Squared Online Scanner at http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/ax/

Hoped this helps, if it doesn’t you can PM (Personal Message) me or contact me directly at trappmanrhett@yahoo.com .

Rhett Trappman

Based on what, do you say there is a CoolWebSearch infection in this case?

i dont see anything about coolwebsearch in there lol. i see 3 different ctfmon’s tho.