high-tech card is being rolled out by French banks to eliminate fraud


If I understand the article correctly criminals now only have a couple of hours that they can use the stolen card. I assume that the owner immediately or quickly reports that the card was stolen. The article is highly uninformative about how it works. :-\

What they’re saying is that CVV changes with time. Typically, anyone that wants to use the stolen information in online medium will not be able to (since it’s expired).

If you use your card by phone, internet etc. you have to provide the CVV number, all normal cards do not change.

Once someone has the details they can use it anywhere, unless the fraud detection unit at the bank actually notice this.

This will cause problems for users as some internet sites keep card details, and allow one click buying.


I’m not really familiar with this domain but CVV is not stored (due to standards?).

On second thoughts :slight_smile:

It was asked for once, but never after that only expire date.