High Severity Events

Have the Comoda Firewall in the activity I have some High Severity Events what does one do with those??
I have the free version of Comodo. windows xp2, have blocked windows firewall.
All I need to know is my computer safe.

You are using CFP 2.4? Have you scanned for known applications after installing CFP?

This is probably related to the recent windows updates. The only files I do not recognize in your list is svchost.exe192. Strange that one, could you confirm if this is correct. Perhaps you could post a screenshot.

If the application is something you recognize or is a windows file after recent microsoft updates it is usually safe to allow it and select remember.

svchost.exe is a windows file that has recently created alerts in CFP after windows updates.
svchost.exe192 I have not heard of this one.
iexplore.exe is internet explorer.
acrord32.exe is acrobat reader.
avginet.exe is AVG updater.
javaw.exe is a process of Sun Java.
msimn.exe is the executable for Microsoft Outlook Express.

All of these should be safe to allow as long as the parent application is a recognized file and not something odd. The file with 192 tagged on the end I am not sure about.


I have Comodo version 3.0 installed and after going through the list the “svchost.exe192” has gone I checked back on the 30 day list its not there. I have not done a scan for known applications afraid to touch anything will have to find a tutorial on what to do, well to be perfectly honest I wouldn,t know a good one from a bad one. Will keep reading the forum am learning alot.

As version 3 gets nearer to being complete I think there will be less difficulty with problems like this.