High risk alerts w/CFP while browsing

please can anyone help me. i am not computer literate whatsoever!! i can use the internet t great lengths but thats about as far as it goes!
when i am on the internet i keep getting comodo pop up boxes with a high security threat at the top with an application of: iexplore, then various different port numbers. it says something like iexplore may be trying to connect to the internet but it could be a sign of hijacking etc. how do i know which ones to accept and which ones to dent? this may soundreally strange to most of you computer boffins but i dont want to accept something just to be able to get on the net and then find its a security risk, alternatively i dont want to deny it and then find i cant get on the internet at all. thank you.

I’ve moved this post to the “Help” boards to more directly address it, and I also notice you’ve posted in one of the OLE Alert threads as well.

Here’s the basic rule of thumb from developers:

If you recognize both applications involved in the alert, it is safe to Allow w/Remember so that you won’t see that specific alert again. The time to be concerned is when one of the application names looks fishy/unknown to you. Then Deny and start investigating.

Reason is, all these “High” alerts are based on Application Behavior Analysis (ABA) which is there simply to warn about activity that is similar to that of malware. The “problem” comes in that these behaviors are also used by valid applications and Windows processes to communicate behind the scenes. CFP uses an encrypted Safelist to help minimize alerts (if both apps are on it, you won’t get the alert; if either or both are not, you will get an alert); with v2.4, this safelist is relatively small. v3 changes the size of the list several times over.

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I have the same problem but told COMODO to deny. Now all access via Firefox is denied. It appears that firefox is allowed but unless I shut down the firewall I am stuck with IE. Can you tell me how to fix?


High mate,go to application monitor and click on add.In the top box enter C:Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

In the box below type C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe

Now click ok and firefox should be in your application monitor list.

This is how mine is and firefox works ok

hope this works lol matty

P.s If this works and firefox is ok block all for IE in application monitor.

If you “Denied” without “Remember”, no rule was created. Simply reboot the computer and all temporary rules will be gone. In this scenario, you would not find any Application Monitor rules indicating a block, but there will be an Application block in the Logs.

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