High memory use when updating

During update cmdagent uses up to 600M memory. This makes PC unusable until update has finished.
CIS has been reinstalled without improvement.

What version of CIS are you using?

Does adding the pagefile to the AV exclusions help? The pagefile is typically in c:\pagefile.sys.

I’m using 3.11.108364552.

I saw a previous answer and had already added pagefile to exclusions without any improvement.

What memory use would you expect when updating?

Thanks for your help.

I see around 200 MB here and that is what most other people seem to report. What OS are you on? What other security programs are running in the background with CIS? Does disabling them work?

Can you let diagnostics run and see it reports and if it can fix it. It can be found under Miscellaneous.

Hi Enoch

Just out of interest, what spec is your computer? Mine is 1.2Ghz, 1GB ram. Had your updating worked fine untill about a week ago?


I’ve checked on several updates and the memory use now seems to peak at about 300M.

My machine has got XP 1.3G but perhaps 375M RAM isn’t enough? It grinds to a stop during updates.

There’s no other AV installed.

Please try adding the pagefile to the AV exclusions. It is a trick that works well with older hardware but has no real noticeable effect when tried on newer more potent hardware.