High level detections dropped with CIS v6)

I wonder if Comodo will lessen its energy in keeping aim at high detection levels for its AV as with the use of virtual Kiosk you in fact won’t need it. Still, by definition, a conservative AV looks at HIGH DETECTION rates!!! ???

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Your safety from viruses and rogue programs is far greater in 6 then previous CIS.

Comodo is not lessening its energy on detection rates.

Not everyone would use the Kiosk so that would be pretty pointless to lower the detection IMHO. One could use the Kiosk and STILL be protected by Comodo 6. Or you could use something else and Comodo 6 will still protect you. I don’t see how dropping the detection would be good for anyone.

Agree, detection should not be ignored, who don’t use kiosk day by day detection is important, 100% detection is a dream i know.

That’s why now we use cloud technology sandbox etc … They just have to integrate Valkyrie into cis and you’ll see the improvements so the word is : WAIT.

Thx for that, i have enough patience :slight_smile:

Valkyrie is a server side technology. It will be integrated in the cloud infrastructure; it cannot be integrated in CIS.

Valkyrie can be integrated with FLS. This is a great idea :-TU

You mean manual Kiosk or RealTime security here?

That’s what I wanted to mean but thanks for explaining :wink:

I expect Comodo to improve AV detection, scan speed and protection overall in version 6.