High kernel load of 15% and CFP.EXE takes 100% sometimes


First of all Comodo Personal Firewall is really cool and I like it much (I run it for years now).

From the latest announcement of 3.8.64739.471 I was hoping that some CPU/load related issues were fixed but they aren’t:
FIXED! Some applications consume 100% CPU while CIS is installed

The problem is
1.) Kernel takes about 15% basic load when in Defense+ Safe mode (and also explorer.exe takes more CPU). When I disable Defense+ everything is fine.

2.) CFP.EXE sometimes takes a lot of CPU for e.g. 30s and system gets slow.

3.8.64739.471 and also previous version

Any ideas?



In Defense+ \ Advanced \ Image Execution Control Settings try adding the offending executable(s) to the Exclusions list. This used to work well for the stand-alone Comodo Memory Firewall. I don’t know how well it will work, now that CMF has been incorporated into CIS.

Regarding the 15% overhead it didn’t help but I found a solution:
Defense+ \ Advanced \ Defense+ Settings \ Monitor Settings:
Disable Protected Files/Folders

Regarding the CPU usage of CFP.EXE of 100%: Still under evaluation.