High heur triggered on CS:GO updates

I have real-time AV set to High heuristics. Everything works great, no false positives. Except on CounterStrike:Global Offensive which, whenever updated always gives a CIS6 Heur warning during “Completing installation” phase of the CS:GO updating.

It always gets detected as:
Heur. Packed.Unknown@4294967295

Can this be fixed as it’s really annoying only detecting CS:GO updates but everything else works no problem with High heursitics. After checking a bit, medium also triggers it. Low doesn’t.

That’s why low is recommended.

Still that shouldn’t be an excuse not to fix it because it’s only happening on CS:GO updates. Nothing else triggers it even when set to High…

Please report it as a false positive through this form.

Also for CIS6 BETA version? I was hesitating to report it because it’s a beta and heuristics behave a bit diferently (less false positives by heuristics in general). I’ll report it that way then…

Just make sure to mention that it’s for V6. I think that would be the best way to go.

That happens also on 5.12

Been happening for months.

It is now supposedly fixed. We’ll see on next CS:GO updates. At least teh samples that i’ve submitted aren’t getting detected anymore…

I played it a few hours ago, and did not get any alerts too. Looks like it’s fixed.