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This is really a comment (some professional advice), rather than a question, since I believe the problem likely rests with the program itself. IMHO, Comodo should conduct an internal forensic analysis of why “cmdagent.exe” is constantly hogging the CPU. I’ve had this problem for years, with different versions of the firewall (don’t recall though whether it’s always been “cmdagent.exe”), and am seriously thinking about abandoning CIS for this reason. After booting, things are initially fine, but inevitably the program starts chewing up anywhere between 15-35% of my CPU (typically), sometimes more. This happens almost daily, and it doesn’t stop no matter how many hours I let it run. I’m eventually forced to reboot again, or just terminate the process (not good but who has time to keep rebooting), which is extremely frustrating. I’ve Googled for this problem (many hits), read your own FAQ (search for “High CPU usage after installing comodo firewall” found here Knowledgebase - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software, though it’s far too old to be reliable anymore), and have also tried to investigate the problem myself, with no success. I’m also a professional developer with 30+ years in the field, mostly systems level experience on MSFT platforms, and have every reason to believe something is likely broken in your code. While I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, if it’s really a Windows problem or some other external issue, then why has it been happening for years (on different machines and versions of Windows). The problem really needs an internal investigation, rather than suggestions to tweak this or try that. It shouldn’t be happening, and the onus isn’t on your customers to try and circumvent the problem using guesswork. The problem very likely exists in the program itself. Please consider having your developers look into the situation. Thanks.

The problem is not on every system nor configuration.

I myself have never seen this happen on my systems.

Recently have come back to comodo, tried versions 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Both with the cis antivirus, and without (combined withvarious third party av’s).
Not a single issue. All good.
Settled down with cfw 5.10 and qihoo essentials on win 7 x64 pro.
Looks good and will stay with this setup.

Respectfully, are you saying the problem doesn’t exist because of your own experience, assuming you’ve even been actively on the lookout for it? I can clearly see the CPU running high, and this has occurred on-and-off for years (and very frequently the past couple of years), so the problem obviously exists (do I really need to send screenshots). Problems like this may not always surface for all users however, depending on what the cause is. It can be anything from a logic problem to an outright bug (maybe even something like a buffer overwrite though that would normally be much less likely for this type of problem). I took a brief look at “cmdagent.exe” however. It’s a fairly large app (5.5 MB), likely written in C or C++ (I suspect), but with many dependencies. I know from a lot of programming experience (hundreds of thousands of lines), just how complicated programs like this can be. If it is written in C or C++, which is inherently (far) more prone to errors than other languages, then don’t believe for a moment it’s not subject to errors like this. Unless you had some really great developers which are very hard to find (most developers are mediocre at best, and far worse in C/C++ - I know, having tested many), then problems like this are often commonplace. I’m not trying to be insulting or arrogant (I don’t work that way), and I don’t know what the actual quality of the code is, but I’ve worked in many software shops, including some very large companies, and am judging things based on many years of development experience (often involved in locating and fixing these very types of problems and worse). In any event, my own experience as a developer is a secondary consideration. The problem clearly exists regardless of my background, but based on your response and the fact that it’s be around for years (without being repaired), the powers that be are either oblivious to it, or don’t think it’s serious enough to warrant an investigation. It’s a clear sign of something flawed in the design though, if not worse, so someone clearly isn’t doing their job (if this were brought to my attention for my own software, it would receive top priority).

My system runs upwards 15 hours a day. Every day.

It has not been witnessed, even when running software to test for this.
I’m a former developer myself. I haven’t written anything in years, though.
Being one yourself, you should be aware the problem needs to be duplicated on the developer’s end in order to resolve this.

If software does give issues or conflict or system problems perhaps other problems such as in your situation, I uninstall the software and move forward to another program. Problem solved.

This is being looked into higher up now.
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Please note that we are waiting for @Ismith9 to provide the logs in order to make a deeper investigation.

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My system(s) run 24 hours a day, and I have been using CIS/Firewall since version 2.3.6. That’s roughly 10 years and have never seen this. If I remember correctly there was an issue in v2 that was corrected in v3. I keep strict attention on my processes, memory, and I/O totals at all times. Most likely there is something in your personal configuration or other applications you might use that is causing the anomaly. You say you have had this problem for years. Then I would start by figuring out what other software you are running along side CIS/Firewall for years that may be causing a conflict. You say it’s the code, and I say it’s not. If it were then there would be a lot more posts on this then just yours. Try disabling components one by one to see if that can pinpoint the problem. Have you tried disabling block fragmented IP traffic and protocol analysis. Also try disabling detect shell code injections. I don’t doubt you have the problem. It’s just that your reasoning for the cause of it is flawed.

Just my opinion. Good Luck