High CPU

Hi everyone,

I sometimes watch videos on this website www.tou.tv (a French tv website from Québec). Problem is I always get high cpu usage : in task manager, I see 3 Comodo dragon.exe entries, 2 of them taking more that 100 000 ko each.

I don’t mind the high memory usage, since I’m not doing anything else on the compouter during that time, but the sound of the fan trying to keep up is very disconcerting. At times, I’m even afraid that the computer will sut down from this…

Any idea how to stop this ? I don’t have that problem on youtube.

Are the Dragon processes causing the high CPU usage? It is not immediately clear to me.

You are talking about CPU usage first and then mention memory usage without specifically stating the Dragon processes are using up your CPU cycles.

Hi, and thanks for your answer.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. It goes to show how much I know about computer ;D

The same thing just happened while I was watching a short video posted on facebook. In task manager, two Dragon.exe entries were using more than 80% CPU (55% one, 35% the other), and both combined were using more than 200 000 Ko of memory.

I’m just worried about the fan and the computer (I clean both fans often, and double checked last night and there is no dust in them).

Hi Jacotin and Eric,
This appears to be an issue with the way Chromium Browsers are interacting with the Flash Plug-in.

Watching the same clip on the above mentioned site.
Using the standard Adobe Flash Plug-in.
IceDragon, max 20% CPU.
Dragon, max 80% CPU.
Chrome, max 80% CPU.

Enabling PepperFlash only.
Dragon, max 20% CPU.
Chrome, max 20% CPU.

This does not appear to cause any performance issues on my desktops, but I understand the concerns on a laptop.

Sorry I have no idea of a fix other than using PepperFlash.

Edit: Is this enough to maybe call it a ‘Bug issue’ between Dragon and Flash?

Are there any inconveniences in using PepperFlash only? And can you please tell me how to do so ?

Many thanks!

Hi Jacotin,

  1. Has to be extracted from Chrome as it is not available anywhere else AFAIK.
  2. It does not automatically update.
  3. You have to modify the target field of Dragons shortcut.
  4. You have to edit the target field every time you replace PepperFlash with a newer version.
    You have to alter the version number in the shortcut to correspond with the PepperFlash version you have.
    Burebista has posted instructions here.

Thanks! But I’m just going to use IExplorer for this particular web site, until this bug is fixed in Dragon.