High CPU when starting other application


I’m running the latest version of CIS on W7/64. Whenever I run the setup of an application, CFP.exe jumps to 100% cpu on 1 of my 4 cpu’s (2 dual-cores). The installation program seems to take forever to start but eventually does. After that, performance is normal.

I’ve got the realtime scanner set to “Intelligent” and auto-update before scan is turned off.

Anyone seeing the same behavior?


I think you mean “stateful” as for your setup problem have you used the installation mode that CIS has? Does it happen there as well? No I have not seen this behaviour before.


You’re correct. In the Dutch language file “Stateful” is translated as “Intelligent”. The scanner is set to stateful.

Oh cool, you live and you learn thanks. :slight_smile: Have you used the installation mode tho?

Sure, after starting the setup, CIS intercepts a call from the installer to msctf.dll. I confirm by answering “Treat as Installer/Updater”. Even when changing to “Installation Mode” before starting the install, the cpu issue occurs.

I have to add that it is not related to a particular application setup. It happens every time.


Ok I have to admit I am stumped but what is good about here is somebody a lot smarter then me will be able to offer you more help then I am able, tho I will be watching. What operating system do you have and did you have a firewall/AV on the computer before and if so what was it.

The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate / 64-bit. There was no other firewall/AV app installed before (apart from the built-in MS tools of course). I always install CIS right after finishing OS setup :wink:

Anyway, CIS is the only real-time scanning app installed. It’s weird since I’ve never seen this before. I’ve been using Comodo tools for almost 2 years now. Even before it was an integrated suite.

I can’t exactly remember when it started but it must have been since one of the last versions (i.e. 3.12.x or 3.13.x ?). It never struck me as being a problem but I needed to install a couple of updates for common apps like Firefox, Office and so on. I noticed since it always took a lpng time for the initial setup screens to appear. Looking at the Task Manager showed a 25% cpu usage (1/4 of 4 cpu’s) for cfp.exe as does Process Explorer.

I just tested with a random application setup. I cancelled the install after the first setup screen appeared and looking at task manager, the cpu usage stays at 25% for a while after cancelling. Something is definitely being scanned (temp files?).

I’ll run System Cleaner to clean up temp files and try again. Although I run that regularly.

Thanks for the support.


Ran CSC but symptoms are the same. It did appear that after cancelling the setup, cfp.exe did not take as long to return to normal cpu usage as before. That might be just a feeling though.

anything else I can try?


Welkom Nederlands sprekend persoon? Kom je uit NL or BE?

Do you have a lot of rules for the Firewall and D+? If that is the case each time then each time it learns a new rule it will take multiple seconds to store.