high cpu useage with firewall v5.9... and Avast free v6.0.1367

I notice this problem the other day after I got an update to the firewall/d+. then another update to 5.9.219863.2196 came earlier today and did not fix the high cpu usage as hoped. i started perusing this forum and made a change to the firewall that seems to have fixed the problem. i am sorry i can not provide more specifics as i read so much and did not make note of where i found the information but i think it was in an old thread that related to high cpu usage while running avast with some sort of logging enabled (which i don’t have enabled). i followed the suggestion of one of the posters.

In any case, in my defense+ settings i changed avastsvc.exe from treat as custom to treat as installer or updater and the cpu usage is now back to normal.

i do not know if what i did is the correct solution or is a safe mod. that is why i am posting here. maybe someone can tell me? thanks.

win 7-64 with all updates
firefox 9.0
avast free 6.0.1367
comodo free 5.9.219863.2196

See if these tips are of help for you or not.

Thanks for pointing me to that thread. It basically confirms that the step I took as noted previously is good.