High CPU usage, won't close unless I use task manager, and weird display issues

I have a number of issues that are occurring in CD on my laptop but not my desktop. I have Windows 7 SP 1 64-bit on both machines and the same extensions. The only thing different is the anti-virus…Avira for the desktop and F-secure for the laptop. Anyway, I have always had multiple tabs open when browsing…now all of a sudden a tab will stop responding and then they all do. I have to open the task manager and end the task manually often and sometimes I have to go into the processes and close down multiple instances of CD to get it to shut down. The task manager shows CPU usage of 40-80%…even if I disable all the extensions or close most of the tabs. In addition when I was configuring my router the letters displayed weirdly but didn’t in IE. Same thing happens when I attempt to use my webcam on facebook. The Adobe permission dialog opens but the letters display faintly and when I click nothing happens…I cannot enable the player. Does anyone have any ideas? It’s driving me crazy!

Hi Cyberfox007,
The only two ideas I have to try are long shots.
Try with Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) disabled if you have it enabled.
You could try the portable version which will not effect your installed version and see if the issue is still present, this could help eliminate any possible user profile issues.
Portable Version

I guess I’ll try the portable version…I already have disabled the suppress HTTP referrer header. Thanks for answering.

I’ve had this issue with every release of CD. In fact, sometimes when it freezes and I attempt to end the task in task manager I have to go to processes and end each CD processes.

You should be able to right-click and choose to kill the whole tree, this should kill all the dragon processes.

I’ll try that next time but it would be better if the browser didn’t malfunction at all.

By malfunction do you mean several processes or that the browser crashes/freeze?

For the processes - Chrome and Dragon (And probably all browsers using chromium) creates several processes for different things, for example each extensions should have it’s own process as well as each tab should have it’s own process I believe, all of there are simply named “dragon.exe” or “chrome.exe” depending on which browser you’re using, so this is expected behavior and it’s implemented so that if one extension crashes it won’t (shouldn’t) take down the browser while if it was all one process it would be highly likely that if an extension failed then the browser would fail.

For crashes and freezes - Often these issues are related to corrupted files or sometimes broken hardware but of course there is always some bug in browsers and chromium isn’t really known for being bug free and is notorious of going down on it’s knees after too many tabs. Personally I haven’t met any crashes or freezes with Dragon V23.4 (later versions seems to be less stable) except from viewing a certain image in this forum (can’t remember where it is) but that would automagically kill all other dragon.exe processes.

I always use the latest edition…perhaps I should try Dragon V 23.4…

I won’t change from 23.4 until the latest versions become stable again.

However from a security point of view, running an outdated browser isn’t really that good of an idea, however I’d rather do that then being bothered with all the bugs and issues of the later versions, besides I also run dragon in the sandbox whenever I use it so I’m not really that scared of exploits since I have Java uninstalled.

The only problem I faced was when trying to downgrade because the user profile was for another later version and user profiles that have been used for later version can not be used for older versions again hence a complete wipe is needed and then you also have to be quick to disable the automatic updates or else it will update to the latest version again.

If you want I can give you a link to version V23.4 from my Mega account so you can test whether it’s more stable or not. =)

2 Cyberfox007: Judging by your posts i saw here i think you have some HW problems on your PC.
Check for your cpu/memory/hdd status. Maybe try running some pc diagnostic soft. I never had any major issues with CD on all of my installations (personal and work).


Try a clean install of Dragon to see if a corrupted profile is causing your problems.

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That may be the case. I recall not having the same issues on my desktop but my Samsung laptop. I had to have the hard drive replaced soon after I purchased it and it is still under warranty so I think I am going to send it in again.