High CPU usage with cpf.exe

For some reason, cpf.exe is freaking out. Every time I open the GUI it goes to near 100% usage immediately. It takes forever to be able to change settings, I have no idea what could cause this. I’m currently not experiencing alot of traffic, nor do I have the firewall blocking alot of traffic, although the number for new “intrusion” detections was growing (no clue why). I cut off logging to see if it would help but it did nothing.

Currently as I write this with the GUI in the background, the usage is around 15-60% constantly. If I open the GUI its pretty much instant 90+%.

temp fix is here



That thread seems to be in regards to cmdagent.exe. Where as cmdagent.exe is at 0% for the most part. Its cpf.exe that seems to be the problem for me, even with the firewall and defense disabled.

if the above doesn’t work (worth trying)
then i will get the dev guys to take a look

I tried both solutions in that thread with no luck. Remember this is with both firewall and defense disabled. I also tried with them enabled, but with no change at all.

I experience the same, although only happens specifically when Winamp 5.5 is up. I reported it as a bug:

I’m thinking it must be some common files/drivers being loaded up that conflicts with CFP’s GUI somehow ???

it is odd how some have cpu issues and others do not, i have no cpu issues and comodo barely makes a dent

The same with version 2 or any software: not everyone’s setup is the same. If it was that easy the devs would’ve enjoyed their 8 hours of sleep (:AGL)

I seem to have fixed mine after a reboot and enabled the firewall again. I guess it just got bugged out with all the request. I just dunno why it wouldn’t fix itself after shutting it down and restarting the app, or when I disabled both (firewall and defense) and it was still using alot of CPU.

Just a note to the Dev’s. I would experience alot more CPU usage with the app open (instant 90+%). With the app in the background (like in the system tray, or minimized) it was only around 15-60%.

I also found the culprit for me is a .dll file (hook) from an audio enhancer in Winamp, but why they conflict is beyond me.