High cpu usage. Uninstall help


Long time user of Comodo fw since version 3 I think.

It seems like there hasn’t been an update in ages. And the problem I’m currently facing, is high cpu usage like 30%+

Was using the latest update on an old toaster circa 2009 tech running win 10. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, if so tell me, as I’m a longtime happy user.

The trouble is I went out to see what else is available. After uninstalling I’ve been left with only being able to access the net in safe mode. It seemed to uninstall properly but I’m not sure. Is there any remedy? Maybe reinstalling and then uninstalling again. Because it’s driving me nuts lol

Thanks In Advance for any advice.

Ps it thought it was the latest Pia client update. Uninstalled that, so unless that left something too. Just don’t know

Hello and welcome . . . a couple of suggestions

Have you used the Official Uninstaller yet? New Uninstaller

Have you Unchecked the Comodo FW Driver in your Network Adapter to see if that restores full internet use?

The latest stable version is Are you trying that or what is your version right now?

I had the same issue. High cpu usage of 30 %, fan of my notebook running constantly. Thought it had to do with “proactive security” vs “internet security” profile, but it figured out it wasn’t the issue. Had to step away from Comodo for the time being - too annoying. Used Comodo since 2.13 I think, but that kind of resource hog I sadly couldn’t bear any longer. Hope you find a solution. Maybe I’ll give it a try in the future.


p.s. Since i turned my back to Comodo, the Notebook is silent again and the desktop is running much cooler :-)! at least something good.

Concerning PIA I had that for 4 years but I’m now with Cyberghost BUT you might find that the KILLSWITCH is somehow still activated on PIA and PIA USUALLY leave folders behind after Uninstall so perhaps REINSTALL PIA and set it up but then Deactivate the KILLSWITCH and then Try Uninstalling. Concerning CiS I’ve found that installing the Premium Internet Security FREE it SPOOKILY installs TWO Antivirus Softwares on my laptop and I think they are Conflicting with Each other. If you look in programs/apps you might see Firewall/Shopping Protection/Internet Security BUT further down ANOTHER Comodo Antivirus. I’d install it all again, DEACTIVATE the KILLSWITCH on PIA and UNINSTALL the Antivirus on Comodo that is Separate from the Internet Security antivirus.

When you’ve got it sorted Create a System Restore Point and you can always go back to that as Comodo put a gazillion registry entries on the system

Incidentally, Cyberghost bought out PIA and they are better and cheaper with 15 months specials.

You probably know EVERYTHING I’ve typed so I’m sorry but just in case.

I always turn off C drive Indexing and turn off all the stuff that doesn’t need to be running plus start up garbage. Makes a difference if you have low RAM.