High CPU usage on Touchpad driver, apoint.exe

With D+ enabled my system shows high CPU Time in the task manager for apoint.exe, a driver for the Alps touchpad. It can be as high as 4 minutes CPU time as compared to 45 minutes idle time.

I have tried setting this executable as either trusted or windows system. Although it might help a bit, it does not solve the problem. Is there any way to fix this? Using the latest .364 version on XP Pro SP3 on a Sony SZ notebook.

Hey Diver I know you from Wilders. I still don’t understand your concern. I am a gamer and have D+ enabled and it doesn’t slow my pc down nor affects anything. I am happy with the way it works and watching CPU spikes doesn’t interest me knowing I am well protecting using Comodo with D+. D+? Are you getting Memory access logs from it? What does your log say? I have never known anyone to sit and watch cpu spikes. Hell if I did that I would never use my pc. Sorry not being a jerk. Avira spikes but goes back down. Normal to me and so does Comodo now and then but even when it spikes my desktop and or laptop doesn’t twitch.

Guilty, same diver and just got back from a diving trip this PM.

Its not a CPU spike, just cumulative. The problem is this kind of stuff tends to shorten battery life when not plugged in.

try this post


Thank you other1.

The gist of the thread cited by other1 is the high CPU usage for apoint.exe takes place when Firefox is running. On my machine it is about 10%. Turning off monitoring the keyboard for direct access gets rid of the problem, but might also reduce detection of keyloggers. I am going to try Firefox 3 and see if it makes a difference.

Some more investigations reveal that the problem happens with IE 6 as well as Firefox, and mainly at Yahoo on their front page. Disabling all scripts with NoScript makes the problem go away, but makes Yahoo dysfunctional.