high cpu usage in the beta version

Hi, since I installed the beta version I have a very high cpu usage from cmdagent.exe.
It happens while I am oening 4 or more iexporer windows.
I must say that if I restart my comuter I cna open 20 windows with no high cpu,
but if I leave the computer open for a day or two (while using emule) and then open the iexplorer windows then i get the high cpu usage.

You better get Kerio PF 2.1.5.

Current firewall companies are trying to add new stuff constantly without keeping the program bugfree, current “”““recommended””“”" firewall are pure bugfests. (:SHY)

Hmmm. Can you please try to run process explorer from www.sysinternals.com and send us a screenshot of it while cmdagent.exe uses this much memory? It may reveal what is going on i.e. IO activity etc etc.

here it is

[attachment deleted by admin]

I opened a lot of windows so it’ll be easy to catch it but it happens even if i open 4 iexplorer windows.

It seems you are using the old version of the beta. It has been fixed in the latest beta.

I need to uninstall my version and install the new one,
or I can upgrade?
If I uninstall all my settings will be lost?