High CPU usage, even with latest build

It’s fine at first, but then CPU usage jumps up into the double digits and stays there. I love Comodo, but this is a major issue with me. Any solutions?

Same for me.

If anyone has a solution it will be appreciated.

I use Firefox with Kaspersky AV if that affects it.

XP SP2 as well.


I also use Firefox and XP SP2, and CPU usage is high with both KAV and Antivir.

The two processes use a combined ~26 Mb for me and, I believe, most others. This is perfectly normal and in no way excessive. What is it for you two?

It’s actually not the memory usage - it’s the CPU time it uses. It has gone to like 50 or 60 in CPU and stayed steady.

My apologies on the oversight. There is a thread, amongst others, on it here:


Thanks - it’s possible that Norton Ghost was the problem. I have unloaded the system tray icon.

If my system is idle the cpu is not an issue,

If however I try to load ANY site in firefox the cpu shoots up to 8-90%. When the page is loaded it calms down again.

Trust me when I say it is not firefox as I turn comodo off and try again and all is ok.

Something firefox does is not liked by comodo.


It looks like there’s a problem with DLL injection monitoring. I have not been getting high CPU usage with it off. Have you tried turning that off in the advanced section of Comodo, tooleaky4u?

High m8,

Unfortunately I couldn`t handle the awefull slow speeds caused by this so I had to swap to outpost.

I will leave it a few releases and try again in 6 months.

Sorry about that.

I have the same problem when I use heavy network stress application (P2P).

The problem is solved if I turn off the “Component monitor” else cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe are using a LOT of cpu (60%~80%)…